T280B030EN Car trailers

The course introduces the types of car trailers, analyzes the structural features of trailers, the main structural elements and systems, all so regulations of operation and production of trailers.

Kurse supažindinama su lengvųjų automobilių priekabų tipais, analizuojami priekabų konstrukciniai ypatumai, pagrindiniais konstrukciniais elementai ir sisitemos,  taip pat priekabų eksploataciją ir gamybą reglamentuojantys dokumenati.

T280B019 Automobile safety and comfort systems

Aims: To get acquainted with the basic parameters and characteristics of car comfort and safety systems, the principles and structure of these systems and electronic devices.

Summary: Introduced the basic parameters and characteristics of comfort and safety systems, analyzing the principles and structure of systems and electronic devices. A method for measuring, testing and diagnosing comfort and safety systems is being chosen. Analyzing the results obtained during testing and diagnosis, formulating and presenting findings, carrying out maintenance of comfort and safety systems, and troubleshooting.

T280B027 Structure and Electronics of Car Suspension and Chassis

Aims: To provide specialty knowledge about car suspension and chassis types, their control and control elements and electronic control systems.

Summary: The thing is for basic knowledge and skills about the automobile suspension, braking, steering and stability control systems provide. It analyzes the main automotive control systems, their principles of operation, hydraulic and electrical diagrams provided with knowledge about the system controls the types of parameters, the troubleshooting options for customizing skills in practice.