There are provided knowledge about healthy, durable, sustainable building with the effective energy-use at all stages of the building life cycle, presented the implemented examples, exploitation experience and benefits.

Knowledge for geodesy purpose in construction is obtained. Abilities to draw and analyze geodetic drawings are formed, practical skills to apply geodesic instruments are obtained. Abilities to make the mapping, cartography of earthwork, perform project marking of underground infrastructure are obtained.

T003B017 Hydraulics

Introducing ..... Provides knowledge about ..... Provides of practical work with ... skills. You can use the subject described on the AIS.

H570B006 Foreign (English 1) language

Provides functional knowledge of English, develops professional vocabulary. Students acquire correct usage of engineering language so as to meet speciality goals. Enhances reading, writing and speaking skills in scientific and technical terminology, as well as for speaking about the future job and work, and about engineering achievements and technologies. Broadens students' outlook, develops critical thinking on different engineering topics.

T220B004EN Geotechnics

Introducing the principles of geotechnical design of foundation. Provides knowledge about selection of foundation type, about analyzing and performing the drawings of foundation. Practical skills analytically and using computer programs to calculate foundation construction deformations and loads are formed. You can use the subject described on the AIS.

The effect of loads on the elements of building structures and their calculation using static equilibrium conditions is introduced. Knowledge of methods for calculating the strength, stiffness and stability of building structural elements is provided. Provides skills in practical work with equipment to determine the mechanical properties of materials.